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Role of Air Navigation Service Providers

Following the signature of the State Level Agreement, in June 2012 NEFAB Air Navigation Service Providers, AVINOR (Avinor AS, Norway), EANS (Lennulliiklusteeninduse AS, Estonia), FINAVIA (Finavia Corporation, Finland; as of 1st of April 2017 substituted by ANS Finland) and LGS (SJSC Latvijas gaisa satiksme, Latvia) concluded the ANSP Cooperation Agreement to provide a legal framework in order to establish, implement and operate the NEFAB partnership. By signing the Agreement, air navigation service providers have committed to establish initiatives for increasing performance in NEFAB and contributing to the overall European network performance, hence delivering benefits to the airspace users.

ANS Finland, AVINOR, EANS, and LGS execute provision of Air Traffic Services (ATS), Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS), and Air Navigation Information Services (AIS) within the NEFAB airspace.

The scope of cooperation between the designated NEFAB air navigation service providers is to develop and implement decided projects based on identified improvement initiatives in the following areas: Airspace, ATS Provision, ANS Support, and Systems support. The agreed initiatives are defined and described in NEFAB Business Plan. NEFAB business planning covers a one-year and five-year cycles and is linked to the respective processes at the participating air navigation service providers.

The ANSP Cooperation Agreement and Business Model are the basis of the NEFAB ANSP Programme. The Programme is the planning and execution of common activities, including business planning, budget and cost management, project initiation and execution, and communication, resourced by the NEFAB air navigations service providers. The Programme is organised on several levels to ensure strategic and tactical decisions and daily management:

  • NEFAB Management Board
  • NEFAB Programme Management Office
  • Business development areas

NEFAB CEO Board is the ultimate and strategic decision making body for the NEFAB ANSP cooperation. It is composed of the Chief Executives of the NEFAB air navigation service providers. The CEO Board shall provide scope decisions for the strategic, business and financial developments and act as a link ensuring anchoring of strategic cooperation and communication with NEFAB key stakeholders and strategic partners.

NEFAB Management Board is the supervisory body for the performance and execution of the Business Plan, accompanied by a detailed plan of activities. It is composed of senior executive representatives from the Air Navigation Service Providers. Management Board executes tactical decisions and guidance, supervises the progress of the NEFAB Programme and provides decisions related to NEFAB projects and their execution.

NEFAB Programme Management Office (PMO) manages the NEFAB Programme and supports the air navigation service providers and states to reach the NEFAB objectives and performance targets, including information exchange and stakeholder engagement. The PMO executes the day to day management of the Programme and action plan in a cost efficient and transparent way.