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Role of National Supervisory Authorities

The cooperation between the national Supervisory Authorities is based on the Cooperation Agreement which is a supplement to the NEFAB Agreement and is concluded by the National Supervisory Authorities in NEFAB: Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Estonia, Finnish Transport Safety Agency of the Republic of Finland, State Agency Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Latvia, and Civil Aviation Authority - Norway.

By signing the NSA Cooperation Agreement, the above said authorities have in particular agreed to establish and harmonise NEFAB-wide coordination procedures, principles and rules, and enhance close cooperation in the field of supervision of air navigation services. Such harmonization may apply to training, qualification of personnel, licensing of air traffic controllers, safety monitoring and risk based oversight, common safety initiatives and other areas where feasible.  

Representatives of all four National Supervisory Authorities participate in the NSA Committee, established as part of the Governance model for NEFAB.

The main purpose of the NSA Committee is to facilitate necessary cooperation between National Supervisory Authorities with a view to agreeing on arrangements for safe and effective implementation of the NEFAB Agreement and to ensure the effective exchange of all information relevant to NEFAB. The NSA Committee is responsible for preparation of the NEFAB Performance Plans, consultation with stakeholders and overall monitoring of NEFAB performance.

The NSA Committee is represented in the other NEFAB Committees to ensure efficient information and coordination between them.