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NEFAB ANSPs updated the cooperation strategy to address the topical challenges in European ATM

The ANSPs of North European Functional Airspace Block (NEFAB) – ANS Finland, Avinor ANS, EANS and LGS are the innovative and responsive service providers in North Europe, seeking for co-operative synergies in NEFAB and Borealis Alliance.

The CEO Board and the Management Board of NEFAB ANSPs held common seminar in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-23 May for updating strategy for coming years. It was felt important to maintain the recognized good ATM service and quality levels in NEFAB area also in the future with the aim for good customer experience.

The meeting reviewed the recent recommendations made in Airspace Architecture Study and Wise Persons Group reports for European ATM improvements. It was noted that there are already activities in NEFAB area in line with recommendations:

  • the next close step in consideration is the removal of ATS routes in certain parts of NEFAB area in 2020
  • the ongoing cross border ATC service initiative FINEST to become operational in 2022.

The meeting advised to align the NEFAB cooperative activities with the relevant recommendations to support European wide ATM developments and performance objectives.